In addition to drilling and sampling works carried out associated with ground investigation projects, Gulf Laboratories’ fleet of 32no. drilling rigs provide the capabilities to undertake drilling services we a wide range of applications including:

  • Water Wells
  • Soakaway boreholes
  • Earthing and Cathodic Boreholes
  • Groundwater Monitoring Wells
  • Injection / Recharge Wells

We have the capabilities of drilling at various diameters ranging from 100mm to 560mm, using compressed air, down-the-hole hammer and mud rotary drilling methods.



As a licenced well drilling contractor, we have had over 40 years of experience in drilling water wells throughout Qatar. Steel or PVC well casing and well screen can be installed together with appropriate filter packs. We can also undertake pumping tests to assess well performance and advice on optimum well yields and pump selection, as well as complex discharge and injection testing programmes as part of hydrological investigations.

For further details, please see Hydrogeological Investigations.


In order to dispose of excess treatment sewage effluent and brines and to recharge strategic groundwater aquifers, we also undertake the drilling and installation of injection and recharge wells to depths of 400m.


Carried out as part of installation of stormwater drainage schemes, and for rainwater harvesting schemes, soakaway boreholes are commonly drilled to dissipate surface water. Gulf Laboratories have the capabilities of carrying out both drilling and testing of soakaway borehole to verify dissipation potential.


We undertake the drilling and installation of earthing boreholes for grounding or lightning protection purposes to depths in excess of 200m as required. Installation of earthing rods and borehole grouting with conductive grout is also undertaken.

In order to protection surface steel structures (e.g. pipelines) from electrolytic corrosion, we also have the capabilities for drilling and installation of cathodic protection boreholes.


We undertake the drilling and installation of groundwater monitoring wells in association with environmental impact assessments and long term groundwater monitoring programmes. Our drill crews and supervisory staff have a wide experience of decontamination procedures and sampling protocols to avoid cross contamination. We also undertake groundwater sampling together with measurement of field parameters and subsequent laboratory analyses.

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