Physical Properties Testing

Our physical properties laboratory is fully equipped to carry out any testing that may be required to compliment the drilling and situ testing performed during our geotechnical investigation works as well as for testing of construction materials. All testing is performed in accordance with the latest BS, ISRM or ASTM standards. Concrete testing facilities include fully automatic compressive strength machines. We offer a full range of BS tests for concrete as well as offering a service in mix design and trial mix testing.

We also carry out a full range of aggregate testing as required by BS812, Qatar National Building Specification or ASTM.

We are equipped to perform asphalt testing to British and American Standards and are also capable of Marshall mix designs.

Establishment and operation of site-based laboratories and in-situ testing services are also provided.

Chemical and Environmental Laboratory

Our fully equipped chemical and environmental laboratory can perform a wide range of chemical analyses on soils, rocks, water, concrete, metals and cement. We also have the facilities undertaking GCMS and ICP Spectrometry for a range of contaminant species to support environmental investigations and monitoring.


Our laboratories are accredited to
ISO/IEC 17025